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Ravings of a Madman

The links below lead to individual (usually short) pages.  I have tried to break them into categories for easy searching and reading, but some subjects cross categories or defy categorization.  Still, I did my best!  In most cases posts have been listed alphabetically under the general heading, regardless of when they were written, but in a few cases they are in the order in which they should be read.


What's with the title?

How To Be An Executive

What is Management?


What is Leadership? Part 1: Leading

What is Leadership? Part 2: Inspiration

What is Leadership? Part 3: Set the Example

Attrition is Inevitable

Attrition Rates

CTO/VP As Coder?

How Not To Fire Someone

It's the Attitude That Matters

Know When to Walk Away

Motivating a Team

Realistic Goal Setting

Take the Blame

Turning Bad Teams Into Good Teams

Who's the Boss?

Work Hard

Work Environment

Hard Work and Luck

One Monitor or Two?

Power Up, Scotty!

Productive Meetings!

Software Development

Code Review Tango

Doing the Unicode Twist

Favorite Code Editors

Proof of Concept Issues

Simple Requirements for Great Software

The Mythical Man-Year

There are No Great Java Developers

Tracking Bug Counts

Software Release Management

One, Two, Three, Six!

Release Leapfrogging

Weird Project Names


Offshoring Is a Dirty Word

Why Outsourcing Is Good

Pick a Country

Managing Outsourcing

Maintain a Presence

Day and Night Tango

Expanding QA Offshore

Offshore Test Automation


Assessing Yourself

Assessing Your Team

Changing Companies

HR Is Your Friend

Salary Salad

What's Appropriate?

Where are the Great Developer's Resumes?

Your Services Are No Longer Required


Corporate Charity

Cuts; The Good and The Bad

Drinking the Coolaid

Infrastructure Versus the Quick Fix

Justifying Stupidity

Venting In Public

What's Wrong With Development?


Why Innovate?